It’s been a long time since I inveigled some of our developers to unstick their eyes from writing lines of code and took them out of the catacombs to meet & share their experience with other developers at the first J on the Beach event back in May. Since then, they went happily back to their coding routine full of unhealthy habits and overdoses of coffee, tea, chocolate and loooooong nights.

As an excuse to get them out into the daylight and fresh air, I booked them and myself some flight tickets to attend several events over the following months.

We also have new features and improvements in Valo that we would love to share with you, so please check the following dates and cities and come to meet us if you can! We’d love to see you!

Data Natives (Berlin,Bolle Festsälle) 26-28 October 2016

Our lead developer, Tobias Johansson, will be giving the following talk: “Einstürzenden Neudaten: Building an analytics engine from scratch”.

If you wonder whether the title winks at the Berlin industrial icon music band from the 80s, and you think that our demo extreme performance style could occasionally cause difficulties with venue management and law enforcement, you are absolutely right.

Big Data London (London,Olympia) 3-4 November 2016

Our product manager, Jeremy Hillier, will give a talk with the title "Out of the data warehouses, and into the data lakes and streams". As the amount of data explodes, traditional data warehousing and processing methods are starting to creak. Jeremy will look at how flexible streaming data processing has a bright future in the world of big data.


We have also submitted several papers to a few more events for the rest of 2016 and we hope to add them to this list, so we will keep you in the loop!

And remember, we will be loaded with amazing swag so don´t miss the opportunity to get a taste of Valo ;)